Many people go to the Balearic Islands for fun and holidays in a big way with the parties that are usually held in the area of Ibiza, but this is something that only serves as a part of the cultural attraction of the area of Ibiza along with its beaches and its culture.
But one of the things that attracts tourists are the coasts of the island which are known for their crystal clear waters which calls many tourists to swim in these, however those who like the open sea are forced to rent a boat in the city to enjoy the open sea with total freedom.
That is why many people who travel to Ibiza look to the boat rental agency Barracuda Ibiza to rent a boat of great style as it is the Azure 298 which is known as a boat for lovers of the sea and have fun in a big way.

The characteristic of a quality boat
Many people are looking for a high quality boat to rent and the Azure 298 meets these characteristics:
Length: 8.9mts
Beam: 2.8mts
Year: 2008
Capacity: 12 people
Engine: Mercruiser 375HP
Cruising speed: 21 knots
Maximum speed: 39 knots

Along with this beauty comes a carpet floor which is resistant to moisture and has a Bimini top accompanied by that has two solariums one at the bow and the other in the stern with its own refrigerator and a water tank of 100 liters.
This boat is perfect for a small party during the day and already in the evening be returning, its speed is maintained regardless of weather conditions which makes it perfect for those seeking to go out even on days of bad weather, this boat is a sign of excellence in design.
The cost of this great boat
This type of boat is known to be one of the lightest and fastest party models so it is not uncommon for it to have a lot of equipment being maintained after use, but of course this kind of boat has a daily usage cost.
In the low season it costs 490 euros per day while in the mid season it costs 900 euros per day and in the high season it costs 1200 euros per day, but this shows how popular the boat is even while it is moored in the bay of Ibiza making it a work of great art.

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